Thursday, August 17, 2006


JonBenet Ramsey Photo Courtesy:

JonBenet Ramsey was murdered the day after Christmas in 1996 in her own home. An arrest eluded the case for a long time. Finally, Boulder Police seem to have cracked the case, they have arrested a suspect, 41 year old ex-school teacher in Thailand. If John Mark Karr is the real culprit then he deserves to be locked up for life.

It has taken a decade for this arrest and the case may be finally coming to a close. I am glad Boulder Police stuck to the case and seem to have cracked it.. finally.

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  1. Yes, finally. But it looks like his story might be very hard to digest, when he talks about it.

  2. Nithya & Raman
    Yes.. Still a long way to go.. but there now seems to be some direction..
    Also, some unsavory details might come out as well..

  3. Had not read the case history until now. What kind of perverts kill small children. Yes,locking up for life will give the culprit enough time for repenting what he/ she did. I am vrey sad now.

  4. actually the media is now questioning this fellow's confession.

  5. Usha
    It was a tragic incident still mired in mystery.. happened about 10 years back and was the talk of US for a long time..

    Yes.. still a long way to go before the closure.. but some one has been caught now.. so, let's see..

  6. I think this guy must have blown all his money on those little girls in 'Bang'kok and decided to get a free trip home, in Business class.