Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Have A Question for Karti Chidambaram ?

Have a question for Karti Chidambaram?

First.. thanks to Nithya for making this interview possible..

Karti P Chidambaram

Though from a popular family, Karti Chidambaram stands on his own. He is in to multitude of things.. He is a politician and runs a legal management consulting firm. Also, he floated a online forum recently along with Ms. Kanimozhi which attracted lot of press. He is constantly on the move and keeps a busy schedule.

Karti Chidambarm did his schooling in Chennai and went to US & UK for his higher studies. He did his under graduation from UT, Austin and degree in law from Cambridge University.

I plan to talk to him next week. If you have questions for him.. then you know what to do..


  1. You are welcome, Ram.

    My suggestion for questions are...

    What are his political aspirations?

    How difficult is it to maintain Karuthu forum meaningful in an environment when people are afraid to speak their minds?

  2. How is it being the son of a popular figure and the expectations that come along with it.

    Both PC and Nalini are top-notch lawyers. Does he look up to them for guidance and support to grow his law firm?

  3. Hi Ram,
    I don't know if he will be comfortable to answer these.. but i just want to ask.

    1) what is his opinion on the 2 language formula in TN?
    1 b) if he becomes CM in TN will he try to bring back Hindhi?

    2) what does he think India needs most.. and what is he planning to do about it?

    3) why is the congress in a front with the PMK which does not recognize freedom of speech. (the way the PMK reacted to Kushboo? ..the way they went around smearing with tar the english advt boards (except SUN TV)..

    4) Does he accept political parties having media houses which reports biased news?? (SUN TV , Jaya TV)

    5) In the name of coalition compultion to stay in power does he accept people with criminal background or the corrupt to become ministers.

    6) and finally does he really beleive Karunanidhi really made all his money in a honest manner?

    - Patrick
    Charlotte, NC


  5. Nithya / Kaps / Patrick / Ananth

    Thanks.. Noted..

  6. 1. Is Karthik pro caste based reservations. If yes, what is the rationale?
    2. What does he consider as his profession.
    3. His view on finding a solution to ending Kashmir conflict / other border disputes.
    4. Is he happy about the way India is progressing.
    5. What are his ideas about how the rest of the world looks at India.
    6. Is he going to stick to TN or go national?
    7. Any new initiatives / planned ventures.
    8. What is his message to the youth of India?
    9. His Mentors?
    10. What would Karthik have been if he was not the son of Honourable Minister P A Chidambaram?