Thursday, August 17, 2006

Google: Blanket Chennai With Wi-Fi

Google : Come to Chennai and blanket it with wi-fi coverage like you did for Mountain View.

I am tired of BSNL broadband dropping every other day and even more tired of their help desk. Many a times, the call doesn't get through after long waits and even after that, the response and attitude of the operators is far from professional.

India is becoming the help desk of the world but domestic call centers leave much to be desired. Why is that ? If India could provide world-class service to the rest of the world, why can't Indians have the same level of service?

I guess, it has to do with money and lack of service culture.

While the BPO operations bring in money and the quality / service culture is strictly monitored, Indian companies serving domestic market don't really pay attention to service and give it a shoddy treatment.

Its probably is going to take more competition to shake things up to get some focus on service. Now, every company is growing like crazy and they don't really pay attention to customer after they have been acquired.