Saturday, July 22, 2006

Who Blogs?

In this, perhaps FOAK research, Pew Internet finds that
Bloggers are a mostly young, racially diverse group of people who have never been published anywhere else and who most often use cyberspace to talk about their personal lives,
I tried to apply it on me..

Mostly young - No (But, most of the Indian bloggers I know would fit this criteria)
Racially diverse - Yes (But Not Applicable)
Never Published - Yes
Talk Personal Stuff - Partly ?

3 out of 4.. Not bad.. It is even more impressive, if you account for that fact that the focus of the research was US and not India.

It found that 8% or 12 million Americans blog and 57 million Americans read them.

Now, I wonder 'who blogs' in India? How many read them?
Is it 1) Young 2)Urban 3)IT professional 4) With at least one college degree ?


  1. Hi Ram : Came across this link via Desipundit.

    This seems to have the answer on how many Indians blog- though it doesn't tell you what the 'profile' of the Indian blogger is.

  2. Raman

    yes, computer penetration is still low in India... but is growing leaps and bounds..

    Thanks for the links.. made an interesting ready.. 18 million sounds little high though..