Saturday, July 22, 2006

Who Blogs?

In this, perhaps FOAK research, Pew Internet finds that
Bloggers are a mostly young, racially diverse group of people who have never been published anywhere else and who most often use cyberspace to talk about their personal lives,
I tried to apply it on me..

Mostly young - No (But, most of the Indian bloggers I know would fit this criteria)
Racially diverse - Yes (But Not Applicable)
Never Published - Yes
Talk Personal Stuff - Partly ?

3 out of 4.. Not bad.. It is even more impressive, if you account for that fact that the focus of the research was US and not India.

It found that 8% or 12 million Americans blog and 57 million Americans read them.

Now, I wonder 'who blogs' in India? How many read them?
Is it 1) Young 2)Urban 3)IT professional 4) With at least one college degree ?