Friday, July 21, 2006


The blog block seems to be have been lifted..
I am now able to access my blog and few others directly now.. Finally the unnecessary drama has come to pass.. with no official word or apology from the concerned parties..


  1. I think they dint life the ban, because i can open my blog, with out the help of

  2. So the power that may be could not prove themselves to be above the law and good sense prevailed to allow the blogs to appear again in India. Let the freedom of expression continue to be part of every Indian. We have freedom to live, own property, practice religion, belief, create, lawlessness and procession, why not freedom to express.


  3. SVe sekar annava nanna interview panniyirukkeda ambi..keep it up!


  4. Raman

    All this drama due to ham-handed manner in which Govt ordered it and how the ISPs did it.. I am glad to see it go..