Monday, July 24, 2006

Have A Question of Crazy Mohan?

I delighted to announce that Crazy Mohan will be the guest for my next podcast interview. Mr. Mohan has penned and acted in numerous stage plays. He has also been writing screen plays and dialogues for several movies with my favorite being Michael Madana Kamarajan. I plan to interview him this weekend, so if you have questions, please do drop a line..

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  1. I have a few...

    1) At any point in his film career, has he felt a creative block?

    2) What does he feel is the reason behind his low success in recent films?

    3) His concerns regarding the lack of audience for Tamil theatre


  2. Ram, My questions..

    1. What does he think of 'Standup comedy shows' in Tamil

    2. What is the future for Tamil theater

    - Chandra

  3. Why does he use brahmin baashai in tamil stage plays and movies ?Are his plays caste focussed ?

    Jerry-his recent movie sucked..what is his next movie like MMKK ?

    How is he able to maintain his troupe members for long ? like madhu balaji

    Where can i get his DVDs abroad ?

  4. Are all the jokes his own or is there a team which contributes once the general craazy flow of things is decided?

    Does he think that anyone other than Kamalhaasan can do full justice to bring alive his comedy writing?

    What does he do when he feels sad - does he ever feel sad at all?

    Which is his favorite humour book /film/ play.

  5. for crazy,

    1. y he could not shine in Rajni's arunachalam?

    for you,

    y u hv not chosen any other personality?

    sve shekar/crazy have lot of similarities in them...y do u chose crazy immediately after shekar?

    u shd hv done this later...

  6. kajan, chandra, Annonymous, Usha & Ranganathan

    Thanks for the input..

    You are right.. there are lot of similarities between the two..but I hope I can focus the interview in different areas..

    But the bottomline for me is who I am able to connect..

    If you have any leads on this front.. I would very much appreciate that..

  7. Q to Crazy.

    1) When is the next US trip, we hosted your show in Minneapolis in 2004,looking forward to it again.

    2) The industry trend is that Kamal comedy without Crazy and a Crazy comedy with out Kamal is a flop. Was it proved with the disaster of 'Jerry'? Would you and Kamal stick to the each other atleast henceforth and not experiment?

    3) What went wrong with 'Jerry'?

  8. Anon - Madhu is his brother.

  9. Hi,

    He is definitely one of my favority comedians.

    q) What is his inspiration to do comedy?

    Q) Is he doing anything comedy wise about the prevalent quota quota in everything?

    Q) What needs to be done to revive tamil theater?


  10. Hi,

    He is definitely one of my favority comedians.

    q) What is his inspiration to do comedy?

    Q) Is he doing anything comedy wise about the prevalent quota quota in everything?

    Q) What needs to be done to revive tamil theater?


  11. From PK to crazy

    1. How often and regularly does he write? Does he write when he is in the mood or does he simply write regularly and then pick and choose the best rib ticklers??

    2. How much does a director contribute to the success of the dialogues.

    3. What is the difference between working with Kamal and working with the rest of the Junta.

  12. Does he blog ?

  13. Balaji, PK & Annoymous

    Thanks.. noted..

  14. Does he feel that the concept of aal-maarattam is over-used in his plays?
    Although Jerry was a low-budget movie it was far from being called a success. Looking back, what would he have done differently.
    I think they made a bad choice with the hero. Jithan Ramesh doesn't know acting.

  15. Hi Ram,

    Nice to see u interviewing local celebs. I have a question which I hope is OK

    1) Why is that when comedians and comedy goes into a main stream cinema, they are more enjoyable than these comedians having a film on their own.

    for eg: Michael Madana Kama Rajan and other films of Kamal Haasan with Crazy Mohan was better than Crazy Mohan's own filmi endeavours like his latest flick Jerry which was ( to put it in gruesome words SUCKED!) a flop even with respect to comedy. So is the case even with Kamal Haasan's movie MUMBAI EXPRESS which was a clear failure without Crazy Mohan's dialogue's.

    So does he believe that one can be a winner only with a winner(which applies both to Dr. Kamal Haasan and Mr. Crazy Mohan)?

    So is it true as the recent trend goes that they cant achieve a BIG TIME Success on their own in comedies. Does success evade them with respect to COMEDY MOVIES when they dont partner each other?

    Hope u put it in a better way.

    Best wishes!

  16. My questions:

    1) His thought about Tamilians' sense of humor ( I mean what sells in TN).

    2) About his school/college days - How did he enter into Comedy.

    3) Why Panchathanthiram failed - inspite of the nice comedy.

    4) His thoughts on Vivek/vadivelu and movies like Imsai arasan. ( will it set a trend)

    5) His favorite Hollywood Comedy movies. And his favorite comedian.

    6) Any idea to get into Politics?

  17. Do you have an agenda to interview only Brahmin personalities ?

  18. Shriram & Narayanan


    No.. If you have any suggestions and leads pl. let me know..

  19. anon - even if ram had an agenda to interview only brahmins, how does it really matter to you? do you run blogspot? or sponsor ram's events?

  20. So,why are you angry Surya ?
    That qn is for Mr.Ram and he replied for it..

  21. Anon - mmm...i only pity you, no anger :-).

  22. What happened to this interview?

  23. Anonymous
    Well.. I tried to chase him down for several months.. but he just kept reneging on his word and after a while I gave up.. and hasn't found time since then..

    If I were to do it now.. I would like to do video interviews.. but then don't have time at this stage in my life..