Friday, July 14, 2006

Time to Act

If this story is indeed true and that Pakistan was involved in the recent Mumbai blasts then it is time for India to act. Another bout of spineless rhetoric without matching action will not cut it.

India should hit the enemy where it hurts in a calculated and methodical way. India's enemy must learn that, it cannot bleed India continuously in this kind of low intensity war. I am not advocating a full blown war even for a minute, as it will be too expensive and will only multiply the problem. But I am suggesting actions that will show the enemy that India is not impotent and is not a soft state.

If India doesn't act now then all its military might howsoever potent & powerful they may be will be of no use. I am no expert in this area, but even I can come up with tones of things India can do now. There are lot of options for India between total inaction and a full blown war:
  1. Stop talking to the enemy and declare them as such.
  2. Share the details of the cross border connection with the world and isolate the enemy.
  3. Put a maniacal focus to go after the perpetrators these ghastly acts and bring them to justice. (Unfortunately, India does not have a good record in this from except for Akshardam incident)
  4. If there are terrorist camps across the border as India keeps harping, then eliminate them.
  5. Inflict focused economic damage to the enemy. The message should be if you hurt then I will too.
  6. Be prepared for a protracted altercation with the enemy
  7. Most importantly, stand up for what is best for India and not be cowed down by any kind of outside pressure.
So, what will India do? Or what do you think India can do?


  1. Ram,
    Completely agree!! Lets have the courage to call spade a spade and act on it. Rhetoric is no longer an option.

    Before, we talk about taking action in Pakistan, let us talk about what we can do here. I was appalled and outraged to read the newsreport in Hindu (
    made by Mulayam Singh Yadav on SIMI. We should act on Mulayam first!!


  2. India is becoming one of the major countries in world now, and so there is no need to bow to any external pressure. So the criminals (regardless of who they are) should be brought to justice and suitable actions must be taken against the group/country that helped develop these criminals.

  3. you've hit the nail ram!

    but as Ferrari, a popular blooger said in his comments in my blog, its high time some VIP got killed in blasts like this, only then will the govt wake up and do something!!

    i dont trust these politicans till i see some concrete actions..

    and look at our PM's press conference. he is already worried about secular fabric blah blah...

    i'm losing hope. probly i should think about migrating to some country where even if i'm treated as an outsider, a human life like mine is respected the way it shud...

  4. I would like to see concrete proof before we talk about Pak...pardon me.
    Do we have any proof yet? Did you see? Was anything released that proves it?

    I have a feeling that our Politicians and Police put their blame squarely on Pak.Terror outfits all the time.

    I might be wrong here, but I don't want to blame anyone yet..who knows..after all it might be a foreign hand.

  5. Why is that Indians from Southern India
    taking out LTTE Chief terroists and his partners in crime ? Why did Indians acquire SU-30 for ? as show piece for independance day celebrations ? Why wouldn't Indians roundup the politicians who support terrorists openly or covertly
    and lock'em up somewhere in Nicobar islands and throw the keys away ?
    Ram, you are so right about these 'rhetoric' specialists.
    May be the citizens should demand that all security details for anyone other than Prez, PM and cabinet ministers be immediately withdrawn until security be guaranteed to the citizens.
    Time will tell..

  6. Chandra
    Unfortunately, politicians of all hue and cry and trying to cash on this tragedy. This is the time for India to unite and talk as one.. but then there will always be people like Mr.Singh and thats where the leadership comes.. true leadership at the top that can rally the nation to one common agenda..

    Agree.. but India's track history has not been too good in this regard.. India fought Kargil with one arm tied to its back.. pulled back from 2002 confrontation.. all this due to pressure from 'outside'..

    India has lost over 20,000 folks since 1993 for terrorism and the people belonged to all religions. This is a war and Indian shouldn't keep quiet in the name of communal harmony. It is about India's enemy who is quietly but continously infllicting damage.

    Leadership matters and India has been continuously failed by the weak leadership..

    India has repeadtedly accused Pakistan of foistering terrorism in India.. How long is this charade and drama? For me the bottomline is action and not the usual rhetoric..

    exile from the real world
    Hmm.. Ordinary Indians are not asking for z+ security.. but an environment where they can live safely without the fear of some bomb exploding on them.. And it is the responsibility of the Govt. to provide that..