Friday, July 14, 2006

Time to Act

If this story is indeed true and that Pakistan was involved in the recent Mumbai blasts then it is time for India to act. Another bout of spineless rhetoric without matching action will not cut it.

India should hit the enemy where it hurts in a calculated and methodical way. India's enemy must learn that, it cannot bleed India continuously in this kind of low intensity war. I am not advocating a full blown war even for a minute, as it will be too expensive and will only multiply the problem. But I am suggesting actions that will show the enemy that India is not impotent and is not a soft state.

If India doesn't act now then all its military might howsoever potent & powerful they may be will be of no use. I am no expert in this area, but even I can come up with tones of things India can do now. There are lot of options for India between total inaction and a full blown war:
  1. Stop talking to the enemy and declare them as such.
  2. Share the details of the cross border connection with the world and isolate the enemy.
  3. Put a maniacal focus to go after the perpetrators these ghastly acts and bring them to justice. (Unfortunately, India does not have a good record in this from except for Akshardam incident)
  4. If there are terrorist camps across the border as India keeps harping, then eliminate them.
  5. Inflict focused economic damage to the enemy. The message should be if you hurt then I will too.
  6. Be prepared for a protracted altercation with the enemy
  7. Most importantly, stand up for what is best for India and not be cowed down by any kind of outside pressure.
So, what will India do? Or what do you think India can do?