Thursday, July 13, 2006

Are You Ready ?

Chennai Runners, Singapore Marathon 2006 website is up and running now. Registration will be open on July 21, 06. Register early to avail early bird discount.

I understand Bangalore Marathon is happening in September but haven't seen conclusive information yet.. Do you know?

I am looking forward to participating in both these marathons and would like to complete them under 4 hours. But, that objective looks like a distant dream as of now..


  1. I'm planning only the half marathon in B'lore (if it's on) and of course the full marathon in Singapore

  2. Hope the coindia organisers dont keep postponing the marathon date and hold it in september as rescheduled from may..I dont understand why they dont have a website in the first place and why even if they do
    ..they don't update it.


  3. Hari

    Cool.. Good Luck..

    Have no idea.. it goes to show the 'poor' planning

    History of Marathon in India.. Would be good research topic..

  4. I got an email from the bangalore runners group that the marathon is on september 17. I am in for the full marathon and in for Singapore also. Currently, doing one hour runs every day with varied speeds and working on strengthening my calf muscles because of the shin curse that does not seem to leave me.

  5. Shumit,

    Hope you are not running in your sleep.
    Just joking :-) Why dont you join us for the weekend runs then?

  6. Good luck in your Marathon efforts.

  7. Hari,

    Can't run on the road yet man. I am going to try running with Mahesh on the road this sunday - it will be my first road run after two months and feel really nervous about it. Today, the fitness one folks are having a treadmill marathon which I am going to participate it. Its actually a speed run contest and the guy who covers the maximum distance in one hour wins the race. Free membership to the gym for six months I hear...keeping my fingers crossed.

  8. Hey Shumit,

    That's good! i'm sure you'd get it. You should've announced this earlier to the chennairunners. I'm sure all would've won !!

  9. I would have announced it but the race is only for club members. I was getting all the old fat men to sign and encouraging them to run...all for a reason !!!

  10. Nithya

    I hope you succeed in your 'devious' design and got 6 months 'free' membership.. How many KMs did you run in an hour?

  11. To accomodate all the folks participating, they cut short the time to twenty minutes. I did 5 k in 20 minutes but unfortunately only got the second spot in the race. The guy who ran the race went after me and he timed himself to run 5.10 kms. Got some freebies like some t-shirts and a sports water bottle etc. but I was quite disappointed about not winning it.

  12. Shumit
    5K in 20 minutes is very good.. if you can sustain it for the next 37+ kms.. then you are ready for Boston..