Saturday, July 15, 2006

Kumbakonam Kids

Exactly two years ago, over 90 kids perished in a ghastly fire due to the callous attitude of the School, City and State Government officials. That particular school has been closed, but many such schools still run with impunity in many parts of Tamil Nadu and elsewhere in India. This is despite of all the noise that was made immediately after the fire.

Since this tragedy, many other tragedies have stuck India and people seem to have forgotten the Kumbakonam Kids. In fact, there is not even a mention of the Kumbakonam anniversary in the papers today.

We can not bring back the kids but the least we could do is to keep their memory alive and prevent such incidents in the future.

My thoughts and prayers with the all the bereaved families who lost their loved ones in the fire.


  1. I was watching a debate on Bombay bomb blasts and life after in NDTV. One of the guests said - WE don't value life !! Very true..looks like.

    Memories are short.! ( all over the world I think some extent).

    My heart goes for the Kumbakonam kids.

  2. Ram,
    There's hardly any mention about the incident in the newspapers. There wont be mention about the Mumbai blasts next year.

  3. Narayanan / Raman / Hari

    Yes.. Memories are short and we will move on the next 'big' thing.. whatever that might be.. But the 'Bindas' attitude must stop to ask for accountability from the leadership.. It is as though there is no leadership.. that is very troublesome..

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