Monday, July 03, 2006

Qatar Travel Notes

I am actually in Tokyo now, but wanted post this one as I have been playing with youtube for a couple of days now and posted a clip from my Qatar trip.

I was in Qatar couple of years back for a very short visit and the highlight of the visit was the desert safari. We engaged gulf-adventures, who took on this half-a-day desert safari close to the Saudi border. These guys were expert drivers and knew the terrain well.

Here are a few photos and a small clip from that trip.

Deep Dive
Down hill on a sand dune

ploughing through the desert sand
plowing through the desert wilderness


Spotted this Lamborghini in the hotel lobby

More photos in flickr

Here some clips we took..


  1. Raman

    Good Question..

    They 'deflate' the tyres before embarking on these 'stunts'.... and then 'inflate' again when they are ready to hit the road..

    Also, I must say these guys are 'professional' drivers and know what they are doing.. So 'Don't try this at home' warning would be appropriate..

  2. Going Tokyo, looking Quatar,uh ?

  3. Satish

    Yes.. it turned many eyes..

    I was playing youtube for Chinmayi post.. Qatar clips were the test cases..hence the Qatar post..