Sunday, July 02, 2006

Fishy Problem

For Mylai Kaplesshwar temple.

Generally this temple tank is bone dry. But, last year precious water was pumped in for a temple festival which led to the growth of fish population. When I visited the tank in January, it was brimming with water....

Over hungry fish crowd
But now the tank over populated with fish creating fishy problem for the temple

People feeding fish @ the mylai temple tank
This attracts kids and the elderly alike and has become a tourist spot

Feeding Fish
With the visitors feeding the fish there is always a crowd waiting to be fed with 'pori'

A over hungry fish risking to get some food..
An over eager or over hungry fish dashing to get some food

With the receding water level and tones of starving fish, temple authorities have fishy dilemma to deal with. They first tried to auction the fish away but after public hue and cry they stopped it.

The temple authorities have a challenge which they might have never faced. Unless the water level is replenished (by rain or other ways), the fish population will continue to get squeezed and might eventually die. On the other hand, if they auction it, then they might end up dying as well.

A costly option is to catch them, transport them to the ocean near by. This could be a very expensive option for the temple and they might never do it.

So what should the temple be doing? What do you think?


  1. If (Fish can live in Ocean)
    {Notify PETA, Bluecross}

    //This will test PETA's and Bluecross' credentials also //

    If (Tank can be filled up)
    {Fill up the tank}
    {auction the fish and earn money for the temple}
    end if
    end if

  2. Issue to be taken up with PETA with reference to Indian religious sentiments.
    Even if the tank dries,the fish eggs will still be alive,and once the tank gets filled with water again,fish population recurs.

    Meen vittha kaasu naaratu..Temple can aswell sell them and donate to charity than to use it for temple purposes

    Pl ask SV Sekhar in your next podcast interview!

  3. Use the tank for teaching all non-brahmins and brahmins how to fish and charge a fee for that. Use the revenue out of the fee for replinishing water in the tank.

  4. I think they can catch the fish and let them in rivers streams ( some of them can't live in the ocean )

  5. Raman

    What to do with these fish ?


    Yes.. they definitely can..but will they ? Do the budget / money for those kind of things.. ?

  6. The fish look like fresh water fish(catfish). If they are, most probably they won't survive in the ocean.
    I don't think the money from the sale will be a very big amount which could help to finance a development project or something like that. It might as well be used to help the poor and needy around that area.