Monday, July 17, 2006

Have A Question for SVe Shekhar?

I am still working with Chinmayi on podcast interview. It's just that our schedules aren't working out.. I still hope to do it in about a week.

In the meanwhile, I connected with SVe Shekhar and he readily agreed to do an interview. Mr. Shekhar wears multiple hats and has been a public figure for a while now. He started his career in Tamil Dramas and moved to Tamil Films and then on to the political scene. He successfully stood in the recently held Tamil Nadu assembly elections and defeated another film personality Mr. Napolean to become the MLA of Mylapore.

SVe Shekhar continues to be active in the drama circuit and makes countless laugh with well timed jokes. I am looking forward to my interaction with him.. If you have a question for him, do drop a line..

I planned to talk to him in the next couple of weeks. So, if you have a question for him, do drop a line.