Monday, July 17, 2006

Have A Question for SVe Shekhar?

I am still working with Chinmayi on podcast interview. It's just that our schedules aren't working out.. I still hope to do it in about a week.

In the meanwhile, I connected with SVe Shekhar and he readily agreed to do an interview. Mr. Shekhar wears multiple hats and has been a public figure for a while now. He started his career in Tamil Dramas and moved to Tamil Films and then on to the political scene. He successfully stood in the recently held Tamil Nadu assembly elections and defeated another film personality Mr. Napolean to become the MLA of Mylapore.

SVe Shekhar continues to be active in the drama circuit and makes countless laugh with well timed jokes. I am looking forward to my interaction with him.. If you have a question for him, do drop a line..

I planned to talk to him in the next couple of weeks. So, if you have a question for him, do drop a line.


  1. 1. What, in his view, are the top 5 issues facing his constituents ?
    2. How did he arrive at them as the top issues ?
    3. What are his plans to tackle them ?
    4. What are realistic probability of success for his plans ?
    5. What kind of bureaucratic hurdles does an MLA typically face (irrespective of being part of ruling or opposition party)
    6. What should the Kapaleeswarar temple do w.r.t the fish problem ?

    OT Ram if you or any other blogger can do a "Vaaram oru MLA" wouldn't that be good ?

  2. Hi,
    I am great fan of SV Sekar. I just wanted to ask him.
    1)why does he not release his old dramas in VCD/DVD?? if he has, who is the distributor in the USA?
    2) does he have a website? Can he create a website with information regarding his dramas.
    3) is there a website where his constituents can see the progress of his work and submit petitions?

    Charlotte, NC

  3. Ram,

    I am not sure if he has answered these before (I don't follow TN politics very closely) but I have these two questions for him.

    Why did he enter politics?

    What makes him stand apart as a politician?

    Where does he want to go in politics?


  4. Hi Ram

    I would also like to ask SVe why he doesn't release his old dramas as DVDs.

    You could also ask him to share a good joke with the listeners.


  5. Ram, May I suggest that you categorize the questions. My proposed categories are 1. S.Ve. Sekhar as an entertainer 2. S.Ve Sekhar as a politician 3. S. Ve Sekhar as himself.. This may help you to set the tone. I am quite interested in S.Ve Sekhar as a politician. Though, this may be a dicey territory, it may be good to get his views on politics and policies, not in Karan Thapar's style. My questions to S.Ve. Sekhar (as a politician)are:
    1. What is the long term solution for Chennai water problem? We have talked about Veeranam, Krishna, Veernam again, Desalination... How do we poractively solve this problem?
    2. Why do we have the politics of hate and annihiliatio?n How can we change/tone down the rhetoric?
    3. If India Today/Time has to write a cover story about him after 10 years, What they would be writing about him?
    4. Same questiion differently, if God bestows him 3 wishes, what he would ask?
    5. On current events, Is he happy with Govt's response for the mumbai blasts? How do we tackle pack-induced terrorism?
    6. On education, What his view on reservation? How long should it continue?
    7. On a personal note, Who is his role model? Who influenced him the most? (hopefully it is not Amma)



  7. hi ram,

    i would like to ask these questions to comedy king..

    1) comments on mla's who never opened their mouth in assembly...

    2) only one of his play has turned into a movie.......

    3) free colour tv-for poor in tamilnadu, why set-top-box still existing......

  8. Anonymous

    I interviewed him already..