Friday, July 21, 2006

Podcast: Chat with SVe Shekhar

Chat with SVe Shekhar

MP3 File

MP3 File
Please listen in on this interesting conversation with SVe Shekhar. In this, he talks about his political entry and also about his dramas and his plans to visit US later this year.

This interview is little long (27 minutes), but I sure hope you find worth the listen.
As always, please let me know your feedback..


  1. Visu,
    Fantastic. Great Job. Man, you are getting all these Celebs.! Way to go.

    I liked your questions and as usual Sekhars 50-50 answers. Though he plugged himself in the end a bit too much, Very nice interview.

    Could see his wit when he said ' One Wife'.

    Amazing to see him respond to emails/Phone calls.

    Nice to see a politician talking about Hindi/Religion etc. Way to go Sekhar. Hope we have more Politicians like you with 'GREY MATTER'.

  2. Hi Ram,

    Nice piece of work !!!

    About S.Ve.Shekhar he seems to be very frank, practical & simple. Offcourse easily accessible.

    hope to see his site & future plans for his area & entertainment field. good luck to him !!

    Hope to see more podcast from you.

  3. Good interview,Sir!
    Sve.Shekar is very practical in his views..I appreciate him!
    I think this interview could be a media news piece !


  5. Excelent interview, i like SVe.Shekar's comedy, drams which telecast on DD some years back are very nice.

  6. Narayanan

    I found SVe Shekhar very alert and smart. Before we started the interview, he said ask me anything !!!..

    Also, I found him easily accessible and without any power trappings...

    Thanks.. I am looking to do more..

    Adengappa & Jeevan

  7. Nice interview Ram. Learnt a lot about SVe Shekar.

  8. Ram, nice interview. I liked the way he addressed the questions and how subdued he was. I may take him up on the request for old computer when we upgrade ours at home.

  9. When he visits US, hope this will not happen! Tales about his boorishness have been corroborated by many desi organisations which tried to host him.

    Absolutely no doubts about his dramas, as an artist he is good in his own right.

  10. Enjoyed the podcast, eventhough Sve's references to the 'fisheS' was a bit irritating, he could have just said meenkal..instead of fishes.

    Ram, suggestion for the next show...interview Cho.


  11. kalakkittenganna...!!

    romba nalla irunthathu...!!
    irunthaalum 'money matter'-ai appappo eduthu vittathu konjam jaasthithaan!!

    powercut pothu sub station ponathu...head light...ithellam kekkumpothu sveshekar drama paakra maathiriyee irunthathu!!! (nalla comedy ponga!!)

    all the best...and continue ur efforts!!!

  12. very good one ram! keep them coming please.

  13. tt-giant

    Thanks.. He did seem genuine about the stuff he wants to do for 'under privileged' people..

    Hmm.. I remember hosting his and few other troupes when I was in US... It does pose logistical issues, but we did not have any undue 'demands'in CMH

    Will try Cho.. I need some way to get in touch with him.. if you know pl. let me know..

    Ranganathan & PK
    Thanks. will keep trying..

  14. I Liked the interview a lot - He sounded extremely sincere and sensible. It is quite obvious that he has no major ambitions for any position of power and seems here purely out of service motive. I hope he can inspire more educated honest people to come into politics.
    The broadcast was flawlwss, no disturbances - wow, the power of technology!
    And it was so refreshing to see both of you speak so conversationally and naturally unlike the interviews one is used to seeing on Television channels where everything is exaggerated and sometimes people scream
    so much!
    Bravo and cheers.

  15. Usha


    Appreciate the encouraging feedback..

  16. Congratulations Ram. I was a little late in sending in the questions, but you did cover most of them. You went on record saying he is very accessible, which I believe is a excellent quality for a people's representative. On the whole he did not impress me very much, may be because he was politically too correct. Like most of the MLA he also did not seem to have a long term plan, seemed to me that it was take it as it comes attitude. One of the questions I had for him was why most of the films show politicians as corrupt villans, and he seemed to have answered it by saying he wanted to be known as a uncorrupt politician and thus proving the point. Hope you continue with this series and interview more MLAs.

  17. Prem

    He was very approachable.. and easy to talk to .. I hope he remains that way and power doesn't 'corrupt' him..

    Who I talk to fundamentally depends on who i can have access to.. If you have any suggestions / ideas do let me know..

  18. Ram,
    Excellent effort. You are making full use of your stay in Chennai.

    Here is an article which appeared in New Indian Express recently (no link avlbl) and some of the content is similar to what S Ve Shekher spoke during the podcast:

    When S Ve Sekar talks, his audience usually go into splits. During his maiden speech in the Assembly, the actorturned-politician had the MLAs not only laughing, but also gave them food for thought.

    The corridors were crowded with the watch and ward staff of the Assembly as Sekar began his speech by thanking his father, mother, wife and his leader. He said his constituency, Mylapore, witnessed frequent power cuts.

    He did not fail to mention that the residence of most of the ministers were located on Greenways Road, a part of his constituency.

    ‘‘What is needed is 2 acres for a sub-station in Mandaveli,’’ he noted.

    While the state was giving 1 kg of rice for 2 rupees, families in urban slums were in a position to spend more for public convenience, he said amidst laughter, urging the government to provide the facility free of cost.

    Sekar also demanded a ban on borewells around Mylapore tank and a directive to hotels that sell two idlis for twenty rupees to buy water.

    He took up the case of * vettiyans* in burial grounds and demanded the state to make them a government staff.

    Neither demanding nor accusing, he told the Assembly that Chennaiites were fully dependent on a private television channel and urged the state to do away with Conditional Access System.

    He suggested that mono rail would be a better mass transport system and wanted to know what steps were taken by the government to improve road in frastructure.

    To ease traffic in South Chennai, he said the only way was to build a bridge connecting Foreshore Estate and Besant Nagar. It was visible that the House, including the Finance Minister, enjoyed his maiden speech.

  19. Kaps

    I didn't know about his 'maiden' speech.. nevertheless, I could sense from my chat that, though he is politician, he is also pragmatic..

  20. first time I hearing S.V.Shekar talking so slowly and seriously !

  21. Its was really great.. thanks a lot for this.

    I would request all if anyone could tell me where i can download or get the S V Shekar's drama's online.

    Pls mail me at