Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Helmet Please

It is common sense but not common practice....

With the State Government dithering on the helmet issue, 95%* of the chennai two wheeler riders don't wear the most crucial safety gear. And, it is costing them dearly. Several studies have repeatedly shown that two wheeler riders are most prone to fatal injuries in an accident., which happens at alarming frequency in Chennai roads.

Yesterday, My son came home from school dazed and upset. One of his classmate's father had just passed away due to a road accident. His two wheeler was hit from the back by a heavy vehicle. He suffered severe head injuries and succumbed to it in the hospital. We now understand that his life may have been saved had he been wearing helmet.

I realize that these kinds of things happen on a daily basis.... But, when they happen close to home, it strikes you..

So, my dear friends.. If you are riding a two wheeler, for the sake your family, friends and most importantly you.. Don't leave home without your helmet..

*My own observation and unscientific calculation


  1. Sorry to hear that a kid lost his father. If riding without helmets is so unsafe, then why don't more bikers wear helmets even if it is not a law? Why do we need a law for personal safety?

  2. Nithya
    Lot of things are common sense but not common practice..

    We all know not to drive under the influence of alchohol and always buckle up.. How many of us really follow it? That's why we need laws and enforcement to make sure

    People site various reasons for not wearing helmets.. 1)uncomfortable 2)leads of hair loss 3)too bulky ...
    But everyday, the local papers are replete with fatal two wheeler accidents..

    So, my take is a mandate and enforcement is necessary from the Govt. to change the habit..