Saturday, July 01, 2006

Keep Running

Keep Running
My Chennai Runners friend KK sent me this great card.. Thanks KK (Sounds similar to Johnny Walker's Keep Walking)


  1. could very well pass off as a Nike advert ;-)

  2. oft used in presentations by many....but yeah good to keep running...

  3. A commercial aircraft is also like that. The more it is in heavens, the better the running condition of that aircraft is. If it is in the land, it rusts and does not add value to the business or to itself.

  4. Ram,

    Like anonymous says, often used in sales presentations
    Jammy: Have you seend the reebok ad

  5. Annoymous & Hari

    Yes.. this has been around for a while.. nevertheless was inspiring when I got it from a fellow runner..

    Very true..

    could very well..

  6. Hello Murali, Ram Viswanathan, Jammy,

    My name is Abhay. Residing in switzerland and will be on business trip from 29th july to 11th august in chennai. Am a regular runner and have run some races in switzerland including half marathon. Would like to run in chennai / on the beach once I am there. I will be totally new to chennai so would request some suggestions/routes for 1 hr+ of running (early mornings or evenings?).

  7. Abhay

    Welcome to Chennai.. Your running experience will be different in Chennai..

    Marina Beach area or Elliots Beach would be OK places.. You do need to start rather early in the day.. say around 5:00 AM.. Otherwise things get busy on Chennai Roads..

    We have a ChennaiRunners Group in Google.. You might consider joining that group.. We run on Sundays.. for about two hours.. 15 - 20 kms.. See you then..

  8. Thanks Ram for a prompt reply. I saw the group on google and also realised that you do the runs on sundays. I will be away from chennai on the following weekend so wouldn't be able to join. Thank you very much for the invitation. May be next time.

    If I want to run on the beach then would it also around 5:00 am or you are talking about only chennai roads. Please let me know.

    Thanks again.


  9. Abhay
    I would suggest early mornings regardless of where you run in Chennai..It gets hot & humid very early in the day here.. (as you might know..)