Wednesday, July 12, 2006

When Is IT Enough?

Yesterday a series of bombs went off in Mumbai and Srinagar causing extensive damage to human lives and property shattering many dreams and families.

Yet, the media and the leaders are raving about the resliency of the people of Mumbai as though couple of hundred lives lost yesterday don't matter. Life will never be the same again for all those families who have lost their near and dear ones. And for countless others who are scared by this incident, how will the life be normal ever again?

So, How does the state of Maharashtra & Indian Government respond? They condemn the incident and announce solatium to the families affected and in the same breadth talk about how the life is getting back to normal.

The collective Indian political leadership has failed the Indians time and time again to find lasting solution to this problem. I understand and grudgingly agree that terrorism may never be totally eradicated and we all have to live with some amount risk. But, the Indians are being asked to pay a heavy price for the inefficient governance of its leaders.

The knee jerk reaction of Indian political leadership is appalling. When a federal minister's daughter is abducted, they will spinelessly swap terrorists for the VIP's daughter. When a plane is hijacked, they will let it slip out of their hands and send foreign minister to hand deliver terrorists in a foreign soil. (How many of us remember Rupin Katyal and whatever happened to the Mrs. Katyal.) Even now, leaders will make grandiose noise, but will go back to BAU (business as usual) very soon and that is until next tragedy.

It is amazing that Indians bear with such a leadership, numb down and accept these continuous mindless violence as part of life yet don't raise up and take the political leadership to task.

Just yesterday over 200 families lost their bread winners and their lives would have changed forever.
Just yesterday, over 500 people were injured and the life has changed for them and for their families forever.
Just yesterday, many children would have lost their mother or father would live with out their parental love forever.
Just yesterday, countless dreams were shattered and ended forever.
Yet, the media and the leaders have the gall to boast of the resilency of the Indians.

I wish
  1. Indians don't take this kind of violence tamely any more and put the leadership on notice.
  2. Indians demand better accountability from its leadership.
  3. Indian media keeps the memory of these kind of incidents alive and put pressure on the government.
  4. Indian Government methodically goes after the terrorist network and eliminate them in a calculated manner.
  5. Indian Government stops the rhetoric about foreign inspired terrorism and acts to eliminate them.
Yes, there are billion plus Indians around but they can be put to better use and not have to become fodder for the continuous cycle of violence.

Simply Put, Indians deserve better leadership.

My heart felt condolences to all the families who have lost their loved ones. May God be with you in this time of crisis. You will be in my prayers for quite sometime to come.

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  1. Nice post Sir,
    But who will bell the cat ?

  2. yes i totally agree. It is getting ridiculous beyond any levels of reasoning. Our so called leaders dont have the guts to do anything about. The worse thing is the people are putting up with this for a long time. Absolutely spineless.

  3. My heart felt condolences to the families who lost dear ones.

    My sympathies to all those you are injured and are recovering.

    May GOD bless the departed Soul

    Sad day indeed

    Ram, Comeon, why/how do you think The English came to India..IMHO lack of Unity, not now..from History on.

    I am sure, this is pass way like the Bombay Blasts of earlier years.

    One good thing I saw yesterday was the help by the Bombay people. Hats off to them. They didn't wait for the Police/RPF to arrive, they did the best ( Someone on TV said that the Policeman took away some jewels from a Lady )

    Anyways, my hope - a Revolution will happen soon...when..? I don't now..but India needs one.

    IMHO - Democracy doesn't work. We need a solid, non-corrupt, Tyrant ( moderate), to lead. Maybe for another 10 years, until the weeds of Indian Politics are pulled out.

    Did I tell you I liked EMERGENCY by Mrs.Gandhi? Did it work or not ..though there were some excesses? What are your thoughts?

  4. hmmmm. what to say, I have to agree with Narayanan sir. Yesterday's blast are just one in a series of historical events starting from the sacking of Somnath where India's trusted protectors have failed. I'm surprised that you've not gotten used to the factor that spineless cowards seem to be at India's helm always. At the same time we do have some small successes like the attack on RSS headquarters that was foiled. I would also like to bring to your and other blogger's attention stuff like Navy war room leaks, CIA infiltration in NSA etc. Also I read the joker Arjun Singh's statement today about reservation for Muslims. How I wish that joker was in one of those trains.

  5. Upset Desi
    All stake holders.. each and every one ous will have to bell the cat.. demanding accountability whenever and wherever we touch the govt..

    Annoymous & Raman

    Narayanan & pisaaswithpiazs
    If each one of us stand up be accounted.. the system will change and will have.. at least, we should be hopeful of that..

  6. I am not sure how we will get better leadership as the people in power just seem to be swapping it between elections. But the power of democracy is that the Government will have to listen to its people and so this needs to be discussed more and more for somebody to do something more constructive.

  7. Nithya
    Yes.. Exactly..
    Hopefully with the increasing activism by the media. & alternate media like blogs.. Govt. will be propelled to act..