Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Have Question for Sujatha?

That was going to be the title till I called Sujatha.... Now it is more apt to say 'The interview that didn't happen'.. but then I kept the original title..

Inspired by Kiruba, I also wanted to start podcast interviews and even prepared a post to solicit questions from you that I might ask Sujatha. But I should have called Sujatha first...

When I did call Sujatha, he politely refused my request saying he has done several blog interviews and they tend to get repetitive after a while. Alternately, he suggested I link to those interviews..

I wanted to tell him that this my first attempt and my questions will be different.. but I didn't..

So, I maiden attempt fizzled out.. but I am not quitting.. I am going to try Anuradha Sriram next and see if she would do my first podcast interview...

I tried to find Sujatha interviews in the blogs and couldn't find any..

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