Tuesday, June 20, 2006

NRIs - What are you?

Never Relinquished India or Never Really Indian ?

According to Shashi Tharoor, NRIs are a mixture of both... (Shashi Tharoor is in the news these days as he is in the fray for UN Secretary-General post as India's candidate. I wish him Good Luck in this campaign and hope he has the support of US, without which he doesn't stand a chance.)
I think I'm certainly one of those dishes. In a curious way, I feel both very connected to my [Indian] roots. At the same time, however, I've lived more of my years outside India than in India.

So, I belong to this tribe of NRIs. In one of my books, I ask the question whether NRI should stand for Not Really Indian or Never Relinquished India. I think there is a little bit of both in everyone who is an NRI.

For me, I'd like to think of myself as one who has never really relinquished India. It's always been for me a fundamental interest and an intellectual interest as well.

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