Thursday, May 04, 2006

"What Goes on in Vegas, Stays in Vegas"

That's the tag line for the city of Las Vegas. They attempted to be a wholesome family oriented fun city earlier and when that didn't click, they coined this tag line "what goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas" and have been wildly successful in bringing the crowds and conventions back to the city. Las Vegas is an uninhibited adult entertainment city where everything goes and seems to be fair game. People from all over the world flock to Vegas for fun and frolic.

Las Vegas has the distinction of being the only city having the infrastructure and the eco-system to host large conferences continual basis week after week. At any given time 2 or 3 conferences happen simultaneously bringing in thousands. This is in addition to thousands who throng the city individually. The city is also in the midst of construction boom and is expected to add more capacity in the coming years.

I am in Las Vegas for a business conference and have been mostly hopping between various sessions and networking so haven't had much time to go around. Also, we have been put up in Hotel Rio which is off the strip and hence not the center of action. For the uninitiated, strip is where everything happens.. from famous the boxing matches in MGM to roller coaster at 900 ft and everything in between.

Hotel Rio sign standing higher than my 9th floor room

Quick snap from my room

View of the strip and Las Vegas skyline from my room

Las Vegas is famous of many things and one of them is the awesome shows. I saw Mystere by cirque du soleil at Treasure Island. Its a wonderful show tightly packaged and delivered in hollywood style. The 90 minute show was captivating and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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