Thursday, May 04, 2006

Is it Immigrants Rally Really?

Or is it illegal immigrants rally demanding amnesty to become legal? Or is it a rally by immigrants in support of the illegal immigrants?

All across US, there have been huge rallies by folks waving US & Mexican flags. They want to become legal even though they may have be in the country illegally. It is interesting that mainstream media is depicting these rallies as immigrants rally even though their main demand is to become legal immigrant.

If it was really immigrants rally then most of the nation must be in it as USA is a land of immigrants and majority of them have come here legally following the process whether it is just or not. There are millions in the country today legally and are silently going through the process (in and out of USA) to become legal immigrant.

On the side, there are million others (11 - 12 million by some accounts) who have overstayed their permit or crossed over the border and want to become legal. These are the folks who are rallied this week.

If the request is acceded now, aren't we encouraging more people to come to the country illegally knowing they would eventually become legal. Ronald Regan gave an amnesty for illegal farm workers in eighties and regularized them. That amnesty program was supposed to have solved the illegal immigrants issue once for all, but we now know that it hasn't.

If we further regularize another 12 million now, would it solve the problem ? Or would it just embolden more folks to cross the border or overstay their permit? I am not a fan of Bill Oreilly, but I find myself on his side on this one.

Without coming up with a just policy on immigration and border control, these amnesty programs are temporary solutions at best treating the symptom rather than the cause.

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  1. You are right Sir,
    Seriously, i wonder how can one carry mexico flag in US.
    AND those undocumented workers want to be citizens whereas all the educated immigrants are called "legal aliens". Irony !

    Isometimes think BillOReilly makes a good president.Wudnt miss his shows e'day !! this :

  2. My Name Later

    I am not much of a Bill O. fan.. but he is raising some relevant but awkward questions on this issue.. which is being side stepped by the mainstream media..