Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Pramod Mahajan

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Pramod Mahajan passed away earlier today after a battling for life briefly. Mr. Mahajan rose to the top of Indian political echelon through his sheer hard work and dedication. He was also a shrewd strategist and operator par excellence. Mr. Mahajan was instrumental in shaping and executing many of BJP's plans and its raise to be a significant political force in India.

He was felled by his own brother in rather unfortunate circumstance. My condolences to Mr. Mahajan's family and may god bestow strength on the family in this hour of crisis.


  1. Yeah, I felt sad too.

    May his soul rest in peace.

    PS - Hard work/Dedication?
    Any examples? What did he do for the country?

  2. Narayanan

    well..Let me see..

    He certainly was part of the BJP govt and took any assignment he was asked to by the senior leaders.

    He acted as a unifying force within BJP rather than polarising people to various camps.

    Most of all he was a dedicated politician and had firm roots in one party.. and helped it grow..

    He built bridges amongst people and parties rather than burning them as most of the folks in his ilk tend to do..

    Over all he came across a decent man and exemplified middleclass values and aspirations..

    Also, the way he departed brought in lot more sympathy..

  3. BJP has lost its Most Charismatic nextgen leader. Pramod, the man who can don any cap for the party was the most promising candidate for Prime Ministership after Vajpayee.

    The man who had contacts cutting across party lines and business circles, was a asset to the party. BJP, the party which is already reeling under internal crisis would definitely find it dificult to tide over the situation.