Friday, April 28, 2006

Politics of Rice

Whosoever said there is no free lunch, must not be aware of the murky Tamil Nadu politics. All political parties of any of significance are promising a slew of freebies and most importantly free rice. It all started with DMK’s election manifesto, which seems to have caught the attention of the public.

First, Mr. Karunanidhi promised rice at INR 2.00 per kg and Amma quickly denounced it. But when she saw that poll gimmick catching the attention of the voting public, she came with her own offer of 10 kg free rice scheme. Not to be outdone, Mr. Vijayakant is also offering free rice and even free money.

So, regardless of who comes to power, the gravy train will be a on a roll draining state coffers. But then who cares about it anyway?

So, there is free lunch in Tamil Nadu and a event better free feast for the politicians.


  1. Free feast..! Hmm..shame on the politicians..!! I wish this trend is stopped immediately.

    Whose money is it anyways?

  2. Narayanan

    The tax payers who fill the govt coffers expect better service/s like better roads, water etc.,

    But the TN parties take that money and splurge it on 'freebies' to their vote bank.. who most likely don't taxes..

    The middleclass which is tax paying and law abiding gets nothing from the govt..All they expect is good governance, transparancy and decent infrastructure.. they don't expect or get freebies from the govt