Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Starry Blow

To Sun TV?

Sararthkumar has quit DMK and might eventually end up in AIADMK. While this is bound to have some impact on DMK in the forthcoming elections, Sarathkumar’s exit will matter little in the long run for DMK.

However, this episode will affect Sun TV. Sarathkumar’s wife actor Radhika and her Radaan mediaworks have been part and parcel of Sun Network’s success for several years now. Her programs from Chitti to Selvi have been hugely popular not only in Tamil but also in other South Indian Languages. Radaan is also producing Quiz programs hosted by cine stars for Sun Network. In fact, Radhika herself hosts the Telugu Quiz program Sun Network.

It is going to be interesting to see how Radhika, Sun TV alliance changes due to Sarathkumar’s exit from DMK. After all, he cited the insults heaped on his wife Radhika as one of the reasons for leaving DMK.

Sun Network’s stranglehold on Tamil media is a cause for concern for many. The media empire of Sun Network is vast and spawns multiple delivery channels. Their Sumangali Cable Vision has near lock on distribution and its 4 Tamil Channels SunTV, KTV, Sun News & Sun Music have a complete sway over the Tamil audience.

Though a recent entrant in to the print media, Sun Network has already captured significant market share for its Tamil dailies & magazine (Dinakaran, Tamil Murasu and Kungumam). They did it by blanketing its TV outlets with continuous advertisements and predatory pricing policies and freebies.

The only standout seems to their foray in to radio. Suryan FM has not been as popular as Radio Mirchi in Chennai.

Sun Network’s media and political power is truly vast and frightening. So, it will be very interesting to see the impact of Sarathkumar’s exit from DMK on Sun TV.

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  1. Nope Ram

    I think you got it all wrong.

    Sarath quit, he might get back. Immaterial of what happens on his comeback Radhika will never quit neither the dmk nor sun network.

    this is my view.

  2. One of the reasons was that he couldn't get a Minister post.!

    Yaar..Yaar dhan Minister agardhunne illai.!!

    That said, IMHO it will only have a minor impact.

  3. Ram Gopal
    I guess only time will tell..

    Yes..it will only have a minor political impact..

  4. Look for Radhika divorces SarathKumar. And may be SarathKumar marries Namitha !!!!

  5. Karthik

    That wouldn't be surprising.. and certainly not the first time for either of them..

  6. Radhika proved you guys are wrong !!

  7. Oosi

    I lost you here..!!!

    Sarath Kumar and Radhika have joined Amma and the impact on Radaan & SunTV is yet to come out..

    So what's your point?