Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bangalore is closed for business

Bangalore is closed for business since the demise of Dr. Rajkumar yesterday afternoon. Generally grid locked Bangalore roads are empty as fear and fury seems to have taken over. With wild rumors flying out of handle, Indian Silicon Valley has been shut down.

I am stuck in my hotel room in Bangalore now not being able to do my stuff. We are advised not to venture out on to the streets.

I understand the love and affection people have Dr. Rajkumar, but to shut down the entire city? Is this how we show our respect to the departed soul?

Dr. RajKumar had a great innings and a complete life. He was the un disputed king of Kannada Movies for several decades and died of natural cause yesterday. While it is natural and understandable to feel sad with the departure of a great icon, to bring the business to a grinding halt and burn things down is taking it too far.

I hope normalcy returns to Bangalore soon because that's what Dr. Rajkumar would have wanted. He wanted to see vibrant and a economically strong Karnataka. We can keep his memory alive by making Bangalore a truly global city by openning it back for business soon, very soon.