Monday, April 10, 2006

பட்டியல் (Pattiyal) - A Stark Movie

My visit to Nanganallur is not complete without a trip to Velan Cinemas and yesterday was no exception either. I paid my customary visit to Velan Cinemas and ended up seeing Pattiyal (பட்டியல்). I would have sat through any movie that played there just to kill time, so I was glad when it was Pattiyal. This movie has been out for few weeks and was surprised to see it running to packed houses.

Pattiyal is a different movie and not the run-of-the-mill love story. Its about two professional killers who do their job without any sense of qualm or remorse and how they are transformed when they start falling in love. The director (Vishnuvardhan) has tried to keep the movie as real and stark as possible, but could have avoided many songs and the totally unnecessary kutthattam.

Arya and Bharath as professional killers have done a decent job. This is definitely the best movie yet for Bharath. He has played the tough role of a mute but has managed to express his emotions and feelings well through his facial expressions and action. Both Padmapriya and Puja have done well their respective female lead roles but Puja somehow fits the role better than Padmapriya.

Nirav Shah has done a marvelous job with the camera. He has captured the mood of Chennai street life in all its gory details and that is certainly a positive for the movie.

Yuvan Shankar Raja's score for this film is just passe and not pulsating.

Direction - B+ (for realistic portrayal of Chennai street life)
Cast - A (for good acting by all)
Camera - A (for solid work and good lighting)
Story - B (for lacking depth)
Music - B- (for not being pulsating)

Overall - B+ (for being different and clean)

Bottom line - Watch it at your leisure


  1. Ratings aside.....the songs were pretty good. YSR had done a good job. The seductive song could have been avoided.

  2. Wanted to watch..but couldn't find a babysitter.!!

  3. Kaps
    I guess my expectations of YSR were a little higher..

    Catch it in DVD if you can..