Sunday, April 09, 2006

Bangalore Marathon date moved

Bangalore Marathon is not happening in May.. It has now been moved to September. I am glad that it moved to cooler times.. It would have been close to impossible for slow runners like me in May to finish the full marathon.

Chennai Runners.. now we have few more months to get ready for the Bangalore Marathon.. So lets get serious and practice for hard for September..

Here is the mail from Darshan of CoIndia on the date change..
Dear Marathoners,

Greetings from Crossover!

It gives me great pleasure to announce the demand of most runners has
been met. As you all would know many runners (including the most of you)
have been consistently requesting the change of dates of the Bangalore
International Marathon, as May was too hot especially for the slower

We have been discussing the same with the sponsors and finally they
have agreed to move the dates to a cooler period. We should be targeting a
post monsoon race around September 3rd. I will be in a position to confirm
the exact date in a fortnight. However I assure you of mailing you the
total details including registration forms etc at the same time.

A small note to International Runners and their Managers, please send
the list of runners available during September and their timing and visa
details immediately to ensure speedy dispatch of invitations and visa

I have been receiving a lot of mails (many enquiries and many more
suggestions). Please keep them flowing as it helps us understand your
requirements better and aid is in putting up the best race in the
country for you.

I must confess though cricket may be a better financially viable
sport to
organize we love the support and passion you guys demonstrate and
that keeps
us going at Crossover. Keep it going!

Warm Regards
Darshan M

Darshan M

Director Sales & Marketing
Crossover Sports Private Ltd
#11, Wood Street, Richmond Town,
Bangalore 560025
Tel:+91 80 51126004/ 57712004
Mob: +91 98453 03983


Sports Do Not Build Character...They Reveal It
- John Wooden


  1. Hi Ram,

    This is good news! But not one to read right after a 15 km run !!


  2. Ram,

    I think this is a fantastic news. I did a 18 k yesterday at the gym and it was fairly smooth. My sisters marriage is up in less than three weeks and I have been planning my runs around the wedding and have basically been running inside.

    I was thinking about the weather factor in Bangalore and was planning to do a half instead of a full marathon. Glad that I don't have to worry about that in September.

  3. Hi Visu,
    Come on down to Boston Marathan (17th April)

    - Laks Sankaran.

  4. KK & Shumit

    Yes.. this gives us more time to get our act together..

    I love to do the Boston Marathon.. but wouldn't qualify.. With injuries cropping up.. I am worried how long I will be able to continue running..