Saturday, April 15, 2006

Breath of Fresh Air

With TN assembly elections less than a month, multitude of parties are in the fray and the election fever is rising along with the mercury. With the entry of several actors in the fray, fourth estate has been giving undue attention to them. So it is refreshing to see some coverage for Lok Paritran in the The Hindu today.

Lok Paritran is a political outfit floated by IITians with a promise of good governance, transparency, accessibility and freedom from corruption. I like where they are going with this. Instead of promising to empty government coffers through populist schemes (free everything), these guys are promising to develop governance eco system where good things can thrive. Unfortunately, these things will not translate in to votes at the hustings.

This party has fielded candidates for some of the Chennai constituencies. It is going to be interesting how they ramp up their electioneering as there is hardly any visibility for them in the streets. Lok Paritran candidates may not win any seats, but I sure hope they get enough visibility and votes to be keep the momentum going.

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Update - April 17, 06 - 2018 hours Sydney Time
Thanks to Journovoice, it is not breadth but breath of fresh air..