Sunday, February 19, 2006

Melbourne Notes # 1

Sustainable Living Festival
Though have been to Melbourne a few times, I am staying the weekend here for the first time and got to see some part of this beautiful city in all its summer glory. Here is my first illustrated post on Melbourne, with a few more to follow.

Walked over to the city center and got to enjoy the sustainable living festival. The theme was eco friendly with all kinds of groups putting up booths.
Lots kids, fun, family and food. An ideal leisure weekend for the whole family.

ISKON group also had food and my lunch problem was solved.
Interesting Smoothie spot. Sticking to the eco theme, these guy made juices using their pedal power to run the blenders.
Even local unions put up a booth asking people to 'screw' the brands... who are they screwing??


  1. Visu
    Pictures are great. I can understand that u had a great time.

  2. Pictures are good. It gives me a feeling of having visited the places.

  3. Good one Ram. I wish I were in Melbourne rather than in Chennai churning out reports. I am glad you had a good time there.

    Keep blogging. I always look forward to see a post from you every morning.


  4. Balaji

    Thanks.. planning couple of more posts on Melbourne

    Hope you guys had a good run.. will see you this Saturday..