Sunday, February 19, 2006

Melbourne Notes # 2

Yarra River

Went for a run by the beautiful Yarra river which runs through Melbourne. Took some photos along the way and here are a few of them:


Running track runs along the brimming Yarra river for miles on end without interruption.


Melbourne is getting ready for the Commonwealth Games (March third week)and these fishes are part of that. These were lined for a mile leading to Melbourne Cricket Grounds (MCG), the venue of the opening ceremony.

Want tickets for the Commonwealth Games 2006?

Trams of everywhere and are easy to use. Just one ticket for train, tram or bus.

Flinders Street Station is a busy station connecting downtown or Central Business District (CBD) to its residential suburbs. I heard that original plans of the Flinders Street Station were actually designed for the VT central station (now Chathrapathi Shivaji Terminus) of Mumbai, but were mixed up in the London office (during the British days) and sent to Australia instead.

Historic St. Paul's Cathedral right across from Flinders Street Station

Landmark pedestrian bridge across the Yarra River connecting the Central Business District (CBD) with the South side. Have seen this in few Indian pictures, NalaDhamayanthi to name one.


  1. Ram, you should visit the Indian Resturant 'flora' in Flinders Street. Their masala dosa and vada are fantastic...yum.

  2. Ram,

    Now you are making me feel jeleous. I think I am going to stop looking at your blog if you keep posting these cool pictures. Will your company mind if I travel for you ?? hahhah just kidding !!

    Anyways, I joined a gym at the Jayalalitha stadium today. Getting my upper body in better shape for Bangalore.


  3. Nima
    I heard about 'Flora' at work as well.. will check it..
    btw, we went to Bedi's in south side.. the food was good..

    I thought of doing one more illustrated post on MEL.. now I will have to defer / abandon it.. !!!


  4. Loved the running track next to Yarra. Now, who wouldn't want to run with a view like that?

  5. Kiruba

    You bet.. it is wonderful.. I was able to get out of work in time to go for a long spin today as well.. It was greatttt...

    I went Flora.. I think, I have been there before.. I was hungry so the taste didn't really matter..

  6. if u r still in melb.
    do meet this guy. he is my friend and also a blogger

  7. Prabu


    I am in Singapore now.. heading back to Chennai...

  8. Once again lovely pictures. It was very thoughtful of you to publish them in the blog. The running track is so beautiful. I think it will never go away from my memory. On seeing it, I could visualise how nice our Cooum and Adyar river could be if someone plans for a running track like that.... Hmmm....

  9. Balaji

    Good thinking about Coovam / Adyar riverside running tracks.. I hope it happens.. some time.. But unlikely in my life time..

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