Saturday, February 18, 2006

Blue Screen of Death

When it rains, its pours.... and has effectively kept me away from BlogoSphere.

It has been hectic at work and have been traveling. In fact, was hoping to find 'quiet' time to continue my R2I series on the road. It has been anything but quiet since I left Chennai. My beloved lap top (TP) has been dying on me continually at random intervals with the dreaded blue screen of death. With the help of local tech line, we narrowed the problem down to wi-fi driver and VPN software. We updated the drivers for those and the problem hasn't gone away. So, we have just disabled wi-fi & VPN for now, just when I need them the most.

Anyways, I am partially back on now and keeping my fingers crossed, saying my prayers...

Would you know what could be the problem? I am running windows XP on a TP41P.

My Linux convert friends are urging me to switch and I am almost there... What do you say?

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