Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thumbs Down for Treo 700W

I am disappointed to read the early reviews for Treo 700W. I have this itch to switch my mobile phone (for no particular reason) for a while now and zoomed in on Treo after considering few others like Blackberry and the likes. I decided to wait for the new Treo 700W thinking it would be better than 650. But after reading the reviews of David Pogue and Walt Mossberg, I have decided not to buy the new 700W. Microsoft OS seems to have tied down the hands of Palm designers.

My itch is still there.. may be I will settle for Treo 650 or might ditch Treo and go to Blackberry

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  1. I would vote for a Blackberry Any Day. It is Wonderful if you are looking at something business classic :) With no Cameras or funny stuff on it :)

    - Ganesh

  2. Ganesh

    Yes.. I might bite bullet and go for it..

  3. Narayan

    Is that a PDA.. I have this itch now to go for a PDA phone.. (for no particular reason..)

  4. Hmm.. Dont you feel Blackbery and Treo are difficult it carry (size)? May be is quiet convinent if you are travelling frequently. Else I guess the usage of most of the features (except for phone) would be less...

  5. Rathin

    yes, they are bulky but helps while on the road..

    Also, it is the itch thing.. I recently got a blackberry 7100 on ebay.. yet to start using it though..