Thursday, January 05, 2006

Chennai Music Season

This music season has come very handy for me. I am not talking about the continuous music feast, but talking about the food fest. Canteens (restaurants) have become synonymous with the music season in Chennai. All sabhas setup temporary canteens and one such canteen has come very handy for me.

There isn't a good restaurant near my office, so I generally don't venture out for lunch. But Narada Gana Sabha is close by and New Woodlands has opened a canteen for the music season. So, I have been soaking in on the food fest. It's a pity that this food feast would last only a few more days as the music season would end soon.

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  1. Ram, orey naalla moonu post? kalakkunga. btw, i have had the woodlands canteen food during the music season. your post kindled my prev exp. njoy pannunga.

  2. Visu, Yeah, I was surprised at the quality of food during the concert season in various Halls.!!

    One fond memory - 1998 season ...finished Kadri-G concert at Mylapore fine Arts and drove to Music enjoy Arusuvai Natarajan's food.!! But alas..the canteen was closing and they had only 'ARISI UPMA' left.!!! But..God..that was the Best Arisi Upma I've ever had in life.!!!

    And then in 2003 season, at Vani Mahal..!! The food was awesome..don't know the caterer.!!!

    These days, I heard that the competition for quality is so benfits the rasikas and the singers as well.!!!

    I miss the Season!!! concerts and food.!! and the nice Madras Weather.!!

  3. Ram,

    The canteen at Naradagana sabha is not New woodlands. the caterer is " Gnanaambika"

  4. Narayanan

    I have started going for the food.. hopeully, I will develop taste for the music as well in the coming seasons..

    I went by the board which said Woodlands..

  5. Sathish

    This is a discovery for me too.. I knew that food is available.. but didn't know it is really good as well.. there seems to be competition amongst various Sabhas on this front as well..

    So Chennai Music Festival and Food Festival have become kind synonymous..