Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Raj Bhavan

Tamil Nadu Governor's mansion (Raj Bhavan) has a web site now. This site has lots of information about the Governors residence past and the present.

Did you know ?
  • There are two Raj Bhavans in Tamil Nadu, one is Chennai and the other one in Ooty.
  • French ruled Chennai between 1746 - 1749
  • Governors initially stayed in Fort St. George which is the seat of power now.

If you are in to trivia & stuff, this site is for you. The site is kind of slow and drab but informative.

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  1. what about the raj bhavan in nungambakkam high road? hi hi..

  2. VP

    There is a Raj Bhavan in Nungambakka High Road? I didn't know that.. Is it Governor's mansion or Hotel???