Wednesday, January 04, 2006

End of OS/2

Though I haven't used OS/2 for about 9 years now, feel sad about the end of this wonderful operating system. I ran OS/2 on my desktop for about 18 months before I was asked to switch to windows. Initial months on windows 3.1 was an unmitigated disaster with at least 2 crashes every day. But then again, market momentum was always with windows and everyone knew IBM lost the desktop of operating system battle with Microsoft and it was only a matter of time before IBM pulled the plug on OS/2. It has been long coming and it did finally come on Dec 23, 05.

As of Dec 23, 05, IBM is officially withdrawing OS/2 from the market, and product CDs are no longer available. Throughout its life, OS/2 faced competition from Microsoft Windows and never overcame it. The true death knell for OS/2 likely came, though, once IBM began its full embrace of Linux in 1999. In fact, IBM is explicitly recommending to OS/2 users that they switch to Linux. Though IBM is giving up on OS/2, its users aren't. Over 13,000 of them have signed a petition asking IBM to open source some, if not all, of OS/2 and its components.
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