Friday, January 13, 2006

Cricket blackout in Chennai

While the rest of India would be enjoying the India - Pakistan test match starting today in ten sports, poor Chennaites wouldn't be. Chennai is the only city where the conditional access system (CAS) has been implemented in India and since ten sports is a pay channel, most of Chennaites wouldn't have access to it.

As a cricket follower, I am unhappy the way Chennai has been victimized. While CAS makes good sense in principle, its muddled implementation and political interventions have made a mockery of the whole scheme. CAS was implemented in Chennai over two years back on a trial basis. If it was success, then it should have spread to other cities and if it is failure (which is the case) then it should have been folded back long back.

What's going on with Chennai CAS implementaion.. Do you know?

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  2. CAS waqs initially launched in some places and Chennai,when it was rolled back in all the other places,why not in chennai?.Why the hell should people in Chennai be a scape goat,people cannot watch sports,favourite movies,only regional channels and few free channels can be viewed.This is absolute stupidity.Why do they have CAS still in Place?.Is it because of the largest Cable network in Chennai having connections with the ruling party in centre and has invested heavily in buying set top boxes?.

  3. If Chennai People had the unity to fight ..these things won't happen IMHO. People are taken for a ride by everyone.

    Calcutta / Bengal Protested and got Ganguly into the Cricket team.! What do we do?

    Not the blackout. Shame.!!

    I have subscribed to the matches thanks to DISH NEtwork. I watched until Lunch last night.!!


  4. u r spot on sir.
    murky politics:(

  5. Citizen

    Yes.. As Prabu Karthik puts it .. it is the 'murky politics' at its best in Tamil Nadu..

    Pavam Chennai Makkal.. they have no energy left with to fight for these things..

    Prabu Karthik
    Two DMKs have made TN as their fiefdom and to make things worse they are also sworn enemies.. There is no end in site for this..