Friday, January 06, 2006

Talaq under intoxication

This is interesting but sad story. A couple (Nizama Bibi and Ser Mohammad) with four minor children want to stay together but the local community wouldn't allow them. Why? Because the husband apparently divorced his wife by uttering 'Talaq, talaq, talaq' while intoxicated. To complicate matters, contradictory fatwas were also issued by the local mufti. (I don't understand this fatwa business, but it looks like the katta panchayat.)

India is one of the very few countries where the Muslim personal law allows this practice of oral divorce (triple talaq). Several Islamic countries (Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia) have laws that expressly ban triple talaq. It is strange that India allows triple talaq in the name of freedom of religion. I feel this is actually a disservice to the Muslim community and the Muslim women in particular.

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  1. Ram, asaththareenga with many posts in short order :-)

  2. Thennavan

    Probably the new year thing.. Let's see if I can keep up with it..

  3. This is ridiculous!! Can't believe this..!! 3 Talaq under the influence.!! Poor family.!!

  4. Narayan

    Yep.. very unfortunate... the poor family is caught in the middle..