Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Voice of sanity

At last some saner voices are being heard in the recent controversy about Kushboo's remark on safe sex. I like them, not only because they support Kushboo's right to speak, but also because these voices are civil and dignified.

Kushboo controversy has been raging for a month now with little or no dissent to methods adopted by these so called saviors of Tamil Culture. Even the doyen of Tamil Nadu politics Mr.Karunanidhi ducked for cover. For a while I thought no one would dare to speak up as the moral brigade was being actively supported and instigated by some casteist parties and fanned by SUN TV network.

While I respect their right to dissent, abhor their ways and means. The protests in Mettur and elsewhere with chappals and brooms were downright dirty. Their anger knew no bounds and they uttered some of the fithiest expletives against Kushboo. Their tactics was to stifle the voice of dissent by any means available. When Suhasini spoke up, she instantly invited the wrath of these culture custodians. The sad part is, SUN TV Network carried all this in gory detail and blew it out of proportion.

Slowly, but surely some voice of dissent to this moral policing is being heard. The left parties have come out in support of Kushboo's right to speak her mind. So did some of the journalists and women groups. India Today, where it all started came out with a hard hitting article that is bound create some ripples. Kushboo got support from some expected quarters as well. Ms. Kanimozhi daughter of Mr.Karunanidhi & Mr. Karthi son of P.Chidambaram came out in support of Kushboo's right to freedom of speech. Incidentally, they also launched a forum for this cause.

I hope these saner voices grow louder and prevail.

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  1. Dear Ram viswanathan:Thsnks a lot for mentioning us in ur blog as well as thennvan's.I wrote a long comment on Reiki based on my own escape from Throat surgery 3 weeks back and ur wonderful observation on Kushboo's affair but as usual my Bsnl failed and I lost the text.Anyway I totally agree with U and lament the fate of tamilnadu dominated by bigots,rowdies,sycophants and psedo reformers doing moral policing.All the best

  2. Thanks for your visit..

    It was a pleasure to meet you last Sunday. Hope to interact with you more.. have lots to learn from you..

    The following might protect you from BSNL hiccups.. First type in MS Word or Notepad and then do the 'cut and paste'. This way, you don't have to be online when you type your post or comment..

  3. Namascar thanks for the tips. my line is always on since my wife is chatting with the boys,grandson and D-in-law both at her convenience as well as theirs due to time diff.All the best.Partha krish

  4. Dear Mr. Ram,

    Would you want your daughter (hoping you have one) to end up like what people like Kushboo say is alright and modern about Hindu culture?

    Please think deeply about where statements from popular people take us before taking sides. How come P.C's son and kanimozhi (daughter of one of many wives of MK) become the spokesperson for this issue? It is unfortunate that in India like elsewhere in the world poorer peopl's voices are always stifled and marginalized.

    I wish more enlightened people (returnees from US with personal commitments or love to assimilate back into our culture, whatever reasons) like you wrote a more balanced opinion on such sensitive issues. Given that all objections to Kushboo lies in personal vendetta from Director Thangarbacchan's side as a tete-a-tete for her earlier behaviour in Nadigar Sangam.

  5. Anonymous

    As you point out, there are several issues at play here..

    1) Kushboo's right to her opinion
    2) The opinions / idea's she put forth
    3) Politics
    4) Personal Vendetta

    As I had mentioned in my post, "I respect the right to dissent but abhor their ways".. Some of things that were said and happened in TN were dirty and were aimed below the belt.

    Kushboo's opinions must taken in the overall context of the article. Why is Kushboo (later Suhasini) alone crucified? What about the magazine that published all this? What has caste and religion got to do in all this? Why only females? How about Narain Karithikeyan and others who supported Kushboo?

    Then, there is this inevitable 'political angle'.. with SunTV media empire fanning things.. because they felt threatned by Kushboo???..

    And then there is the Thangar Batchan episode..

    All this doesn't augur well for a culture that is age old and prides in its diversity and tolerence.