Sunday, November 27, 2005

Chennai Bloggers Meet

Update # 1
Since the meeting, I came to know Thennavan's mom Dr. Vasantha Krishnaswamy is also a blogger. I met her yesterday but talked mostly about Reiki and didn't know she blogs as well. A true 'blogging' family.
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Just came back from a good bloggers meeting at Amethyst. This is my second bloggers meet since the last one in July. I saw some familiar faces and several new ones. I met a 75 year old blogger Partha Krishnaswamy who also happens to be Thennavan's father. I was completely bowled over by his enthusiasm and energy.

Even the recent incessant rain of Chennai took a breather and allowed us to meet without any interruption. Since we had over 40 bloggers, we kind of floated around and met in small groups.

Overall the meeting was good and an opportunity to meet new people and network. Thanks to Kiruba for organizing this meet.


  1. Came through google search to your blog. Nice to know that you too attended a bloggers meet. We too met in very small number a month ago. Quite interesting. Let us meet in our blogs.

  2. Balaji

    Thanks for your maiden visit

    Our meeting was good... got to know few more bloggers..

  3. Hi Ram,

    Nice meeting u at the bloggers meet. Shud thank Kribha for arranging a wonderful meet. coz of which i got to kno ppl like u personally.

  4. Ram, thanks for those kind words about my parents :-). Amma told me that she enjoyed talking to you and that you were planning a visit to our place.

  5. Hey Ram...
    Found your Blog. Wondering who the hell this could be...the pied piper with the red cap!

    Was fun talking to you...cheers

  6. Jaggy
    Yes, It was a good meeting.. I enjoyed meeting new people and networking..

    The pleasure was mine to meet your parents. I thoroughly enjoyed my chat with your parents.

    Same here.. read your post about visiting bangalore for a marriage.. I like your style of writing.. keep it up

    It's a small world.. Just curious.. who do you work for?

  7. Hi Ram,
    It was nice meetin up with you on Sunday.

  8. Muthu

    Same here..

    Thanks for dropping by..

  9. I guess I missed meeting up with a few ppl this time around... Hope I get the next time soon to make up for it :o)

  10. Somu

    Thanks for your visit..

    Yeah, we had good participation and couldn't possibly cover all..

  11. Glad to know that you had fun ! Nice to see the big list of bloggers who attended.

  12. Narayanan

    Yes, this time we had a larger crowd.. good to see so many people..

    I see you are taking 'off' for sometime.. take it easy and hope to see you back in action soon..