Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Dual Citizenship - Check is in the mail

Image courtesy: business line

It has been more than three years since India declared its intent to allow dual citizenship, but there has been no change in the ground realities. Successive Prime Ministers have made grandiose announcements in the annual Pravasi Diwas only to forget it soon after.

An immigration officer in the Chennai Office told me today that, no order has been issued till date. The Officer further mentioned that "Till an order is issued and published in the Government of India gazette, dual citizenship will remain only as intent". While this is the case at the ground level, Ministry of Home Affairs of Indian Government has published an application for the dual citizenship called overseas citizen of India.

I don't know where the hiccup is, but I can only deduce that dual citizenship is not high on the agenda of the Indian Government. Till then the check in the mail..

BTW, I am yet to clearly understand the benefits of dual citizenship. What benefits does dual citizenship provide that PIO card doesn't? Do you know?