Monday, October 31, 2005

Demise of a Friend

I missed the Chennai rains, floods and the resultant chaos as I was out of the country but not its impact. I returned couple of days back to find my migthy friend has fallen to the fury of rain. This friend Gul Mohar used to stand majestically in front of our house always ready to give but never once have I given him anything.

I used to seek out his assistance to cool my car and my heels during the hot sunny days, which in Chennai is all through the year. I used to watch Gul Mohar from my porch and he used to say hello to me with his gentle breeze and brilliant colors.

But he is no more.. He has been cut in to several pieces and will become fuel to man's hunger for energy. Gul Mohar is lying out there slowly fading away and will be emptied out in a few days. But, his place will be empty for a long time.

Gul Mohar.. I sorely miss you.. Thanks for the providing us the shade, gentle breeze and the feast for eyes. May your soul rest in peace..


  1. Feel very sad.! Wonder why they cut this tree??? Idiots.!!

    I feel sad to see trees cut down. Just last night...I bought Recycled paper towels.!! to save trees..!! Might sound a bit funny but that's how I feel.

    I remember you told me ( early 90s I think) about how many trees are felled for NY times Sunday edition.!!

    Maybe you can plant another sapling there.!!

  2. Very nice PHotos. Doesn't look like Chennai to me.!!!!

  3. Narayanan

    This Gul Mohar tree and hundreds of other trees fell due to incessant rains in Chennai last week.

    There could have been efforts to save these fallen trees by planting them back.. but that is too much to expect from Chennai Corporation who top elected leader is absconding.

    It may sound funny Narayanan.. but I also remembered the NYTimes Sunday edition discussion when I sat down to post this..

  4. Umm...telapathy looks like..!!! Well I am glad...some idiot didn't cut the trees.!!! Still its sad.!

    LOL :) Top leader.!!

  5. Thennavan


    Belated wishes to you as well..