Monday, November 21, 2005

2014: The Future of Media

My Japanese colleague brought this (epic 2014) to my attention.

This movie runs for about 8 minutes and gives some prediction for the media of the future. These predications are far fetched but tickled curiosity. It predicts the advent of a new Google algorithm that will lead to the ultimate demise of fourth estate as we know it. It goes further to predict that Google and Amazon will merge to form a goliath called Goolgezon taking Microsoft head-on.

What do you think? What’s you prediction for the media of 2014?

Here is mine:
- Fourth estate will still be alive and kicking but the channels of delivery would have altered. There will still be a print media but more and more of the news and analysis would be consumed “on demand’ through a variety of electronic devices.

- Blogs would have emerged as potent alternate media

- People will pay for ‘quality’ content. Engines will sift through mountains of info to separate wheat from chaff.


  1. I quite agree with your predictions. You might also have quality neighbourhood newspapers --the far more sophisticated versions of Mambalam Times or T Nagar Times.

  2. Bishwanath Ghosh

    Thanks for your visit..

    yes, I agree with you.. neighbourhood newspapers would evovle and become lot more useful..