Tuesday, June 21, 2005

நம்பிக்கை ஜனா (Namibikkai Jana)

தன்னம்பிக்கை ஜனா(Jana)

In my last post, I mentioned about a great father who is determined to seed a firm future for his son Jana. So, what is special about this boy Jana? Read on.Nambikai Jana

Jana’s (13) cheerful smile instantly locks you on to him. When you just look at his face, no one would know that he met with a freak accident about 5 years back and is severely handicapped. Since the accident, he has a come a long way through his sheer determination and hard work.

While playing in the terrace of their small rented house in the March 2000, Jana came in contact with the high tension electric wire that passes through his house and was completely burnt. He was in the hospital for several months where doctors had to amputate his right hand till his shoulders, left hand till the elbow. They also amputated his left leg till the knee and removed the toes from his right leg.

With uncertain future ahead of him, Jana latched on to an advice given by his doctor. Use your mouth for writing and drawing”. He clung on to this sliver of hope tightly and started attempting to write with his mouth the very same day. Jana’s tenacity gave encouragement


  1. Hi Ram,
    It was so nice of you to mention about Jana. What endurance and faith! It brought tears.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, appreciate it.

  2. I got no words to express about Jana's skills and endurance to pull along !!

    God Bless this Family !!

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  4. In a world, where despite enjoying all facilities, people try and find avenues to complain about, blame something / someone else / fortune for their failures / lack of discipline, this 'Great Kid' has managed to overcome all the odds.
    His will power is amazing.
    God bless the child.
    Hats off to the father for his patience and perseverance.

    Ram, a million thanks... Great work... Keep going...

  5. Very Heartwarming indeed.

    Great kids, wonderful parents. Thanks for covering this kid in your blog.

    I looked at the krishna painting. What a talent. !

    God bless the kid and the family.

    Can we get him into the Guiness books?

  6. can you do me a favour.Am from cbe.I will be taking up a job with CTS Chennai on 1st july.I would like to see these people in their place sometime.Can you help me out

  7. Badri

    Welcome to Chennai..

    Jana's contact # is in my post (+91-93826-40666). I suggest, you call them first..

    Ram V.