Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Fathers Day Kesavan

Happy Fathers Day – Kesavan

PS Kesavan - father of Jana

On this Fathers day, I want to salute a father who has dedicated his life to bring a ray of hope in the life of his son.

This father never lost faith (on his Son) when every one else urged him to (give up).

This father chose to lose his thriving printing business so that he could focus his energy on his son.

This father refused to give up on his son when the friends and family wanted him to.

This father cried quietly and resolved even more when a leading surgeon compared his son to a rotten Tomato.

This father willingly spent all his life earnings (and even more) to provide medical care for his son.

This father rejected all ‘rejections’ to find a school that would take his physically challenged son.

This father has now woven his life around the needs of his son, so that he could attend school, learn key board and be a normal kid as he can be.

This father through his untiring efforts saw his son win accolades from the Dr. Abdul Kalam to Ms. Jayalalithaa.

This father is now happy to see his son, who can write only using mouth compete with regular students and stand on his own.

I salute this father, Mr. Kesavan who came across many insurmountable obstacles while providing for his Son (Jana) after a freak accident. While playing in the terrace of their house in March of 2000, Jana (10 at the time accident) came in contact with the High tension wire and was fully burnt. After several weeks in intensive care, Jana survived but not some parts of his body. Doctors had to amputate his right hand till his shoulders, left hand till the elbow. They also amputated his left leg till the knee and removed the toes from his right leg.

This accident turned Kesavan family’s life upside down. This lower middle class family in Chennai encountered turbulence that even big jumbo jets might find troublesome. Mr. Kesavan & Mrs. Bhuvaneswari Kesavan stuck with their son when the society around them scoffed at them for spending their life earnings on a crippled boy.

Money is a scarce commodity for this family, but love, affection and undying hope are in abundant supply. Jana is interested in computer graphics and wants to become a professional in this area. Mr. Kesavan is determined to help his son build skills in this area which will provide a platform on which Jana can weave his future around.

I salute this father’s faith and unconditional love for his Son. Happy Fathers Day, Mr.Kesavan.

Jana & KesavanJana and his parents (Bhuvaneswari & Kesavan)

P.S. Kesavan can be reached @ +91-93826-40666. He would appreciate your call and any support you can provide.

(I have met this family twice. Each time I am moved beyond words when I see the love and affection Mrs. & Mr. Kesavan pour on Jana. This boy, Jana is an amazing personality himself. More on him in my next post.)


  1. Mixed emotions reading his post. Great guy indeed..this father.

    And for Jana to come to this level, his determination and his family's along with God's blessings
    have helped.

    Congratulations 'Mr. Kesavan'. You are one great dad.

    Happy Father's day.!

  2. My heart goes for the child.
    Hats off to the father.

    God bless the family.

  3. Hats off to Mr.Kesavan and his family.These people are life's true inspirational heroes.They can never suffer more as they have faced and conquered all possible types of sorrow.There can be and will be success only in their future
    God Bless

  4. Narayan / Annoymous / Badri

    I share your feelings.. I am amazed at the positive energy Mr. Kesavan exhibits.

    God bless this family..

    Ram Viswanathan

  5. hats off to jana and his dad.