Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Cycle Rickshaw in Amsterdam

Cycle Rickshaw in Amsterdam
Originally uploaded by rviswana.

An European version of the cycle rickshaw in Amsterdam. I sighted many rickshaws in the touristy part of the city called platz.


  1. Umm,
    Interesting and good photos.
    Looks High-tech and cute.

    I was in Vegas last year and saw some rickshaws, but they weren't high-tech.!

    The slide show in Flickr is really good.

    I remember our cycle-rickshaw guys in Madras, with the kerosene Motor.! and the pRRRRRRRRRRRRRR sound.!

  2. Even if it comes to india the metering instrument shouldnt be the present one.

  3. idli.!

    Umm I never thought about that.!

  4. cool.we saw the cycles in amsterdam.we did not see any in belgium.

  5. Anonymous

    Yes, It was in Amsterdam.. not in Belgium.. my mistake.. sorry..

    Ram V