Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Receding Green Cover of IITM

It has been a while since I ran inside IIT Madras so I have been wishing to get a run there for some time and the opportunity came yesterday.  I was on the last day of my 10x10 and wanted to squeeze it in somehow in the evening.  Since I hadn't run in the morning, I forced myself to fight the traffic and head to IITM instead of running around Boat Club fighting traffic.
I always enjoyed running in IITM and I still do.  I like the relatively traffic free roads and the green cover.  But yesterday, I saw lot of 'fallen' trees.  Some due to nature and many others 'felled' by humans.  It would tragic to reduce the forest cover in the name of 'development' and I sincerely hope IITM is able to strike a balance between 'development' and retaining its green cover.

That said, my run inside IITM was otherwise good and I was doubly happy having managed to complete my 10x10.  Along the way, I met these third year students who were waiting for the shuttle bus near IITM Research park entrance.  I 'coaxed' them to run / walk with me till their Hostel.  They reluctantly obliged, but that set the stage for interesting conversations.  We talked about many things ranging from technology to 'what after graduation'.  Good Luck Nikhil, Karthik & Sadhvik.

ps: This 'tip' merits to be in Senthil's diary (in Boys movie).  So, if you wonder about the 'tip'.. it is.. Sivan temple in IITM gives 'pongal prasadam' at around 6:30 PM everyday.  Made a 'note to self' to 'time' my future runs around that time... :-)

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