Sunday, December 11, 2016

Kahaani 2 - Could Have Been Sharper

Went to Kahaani 2 with lots of expectation but returned with a feeling that the movie could have been sharper and shorter.  Like in earlier Kahaani, Vidya Balan is in almost every frame and has carried the movie single handedly.

Movie starts off showing the strong bond between Vidya Balan and her teenage kid who is confined to wheelchair.  All of a sudden, child goes missing and in ensuing panic Vidya Balan gets hit by a car and goes into Coma.  Then comes the dramatic twist about Vidya's past in a Kalimpong school.  All these does keep the momentum of the movie, but after a while scenes become predictable and one could also predict the next scene.  

Also,  I wish the story kept the focus and not branch out into to subplots.  Storyline should have just focussed on Vidya and the kid.  Instead, it starts veering into the first marriage of Vidya and the police officer, an unnecessary twist which just 'slows' down the story telling and doesn't contribute to the main thread.

But, I liked 'realistic' cinematography.  Art department hasn't tried to create perfect visuals, but has let the narrow streets of Kolkata and Kalimpong speak for itself.

Overall, enjoyed the movie and would give 4 stars out of 5. See it for Vidya Balan. (Rating - ****)

ps: For the first time, went to INOX theaters in Chennai Citi Center.  While getting in and out of the movies was relatively easy (unlike Satyam complex), sound system left much to be desired and definitely needs an upgrade.

Also, got to experience the playing of national anthem after the recent Supreme Court order.  My only gripe is that anthem version played was too fast.  It should have been slower.. lot slower.

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