Saturday, November 29, 2014

Free Wifi in Helsingborg

When traveling, free wifi is god sent.  While more and more places are starting to offer, it is still a rarity...
Free wifi zone near Karnan, Helsingborg.  It looks like the Chennai poster plasters have gone there too...!!!!
So, when I saw this in Helsingborg, near Karnan, I was thrilled.  I immediately, whipped out my phone and connected.  Unlike the 'free wifi' in Chennai airport, this did work and worked well where available.
This map, pulled from a website shows the wifi spots available in any given area and its coverage.  It allows you to zoom in to see exact coverage for a particular area.
I falsely assumed citywide wifi coverage and soon realized that was not the case.  The wifi connection kept dropping as I moved around the city.  Then I learned that, the wifi coverage is not citywide after all and only available at specific locations.  Nevertheless, made best use of it, when and where it was available.

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