Saturday, February 08, 2014

Auroville Adventure Continues..

I am getting ready to leave for Auroville in a few to run my seventh consecutive marathon there.  There is something in Auroville that makes me want to go back year after year.  So much so that, I have been running there since they started conducting the marathons.

The setup is definitely different from the other big city marathons.  It is a small, no frill marathon and the event organizers frown on corporate sponsorships.  The marathon itself is held in a large international commune outside Pondicherry.  The route is a mixture forest trail and dirt roads.  All this builds an aura around this marathon and wants me to go back year after year.

When I ran the first edition of this marathon in 2008, my target was to do 10 marathons.  But  upped to 50 marathons after listening to Shahid in a radio interview.  Interestingly, he has scaled back but I continue to stick with my goal and this will be my marathon # 47.  (More on my first Auroville marathon here)

This time, I am going to be running with Deepa, who is doing her maiden full marathon.  We hope to complete it under 5 hours.  Wish us good luck..

Got to go now..bfn

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