Friday, September 27, 2013

Navagraha Ottam is for you..... Mona and Prabhu

Tomorrow, I leave for Kumbakonam to embark on a major running experiment.  I am joining 10 other runners in what is called the Navagraha Ottam or the Pilgrimage Run. In a span of 4 days, we will visit some of the most ancient temples of Tanjore district.  We start our run at Thingaloor, Chandra sthalam and wind our way east to Thirunallar, Sani Sthalam in 4 days covering about 220 kms.

Bala & Selva are the driving force behind this unique running adventure and have come up with a comprehensive document about the temple, runners, logistics details.

I am still recovering from my PF but I wanted to do this run anyways.  I want to do this run for my sister and athimber.

I want to visit each of this temple and say a prayer for Mona and Prabhu.  Though older to me by 4 1/2 years, anyone we meet together always used to ask if Mona is younger to me.  She used to be energetic and smiling.. always..  But all that changed a few years back.

My athimber, Prabhu has gone through two kidney transplants, one heart bypass surgery and countless hospitalizations in the last few years.  He is in the hospital as I write this blog, recovering from a kidney removal surgery.  Doctors had to remove the kidney that they just transplanted last week from a cadaver.  For reasons unknown, kidney donated by sister and the cadaver kidney transplant did not suit Prabhu and had to be removed.

Mona: You are doing a awesome job supporting Prabhu thru all this.. Stay Strong.  Some say, prayers heal.. I am going to say a prayer for you.  I am going to pray for you & Prabhu at each of the Navagraha sthalam.

  • May God give both of you the strength to go through all this.  
  • May God also make you bubbly again so that folks would once again ask if you are younger to me..  This run is for you.. 

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