Saturday, September 07, 2013

First run in three weeks

I am off the running circuit for about 3 weeks now.  I must admit it has been difficult, but I got to get my heel healed of PF such that I can be comfortably be on my heel again.

One good thing with the 3 week forced sabbatical is that it gave me an opportunity to 'sharpen' my swimming skills.  I kind of knew the basics but also knew that I wasn't doing them right.  But, with the help of Naren and countless other youtube teachers, I am kind of better at swimming now.

I am here in London for business and have been walking by Thames to work everyday.  This place is buzzing with tourists, runners and walkers of all kinds.
It was interesting to see so many folks running to work.  These guys and girls ran with a backpack on their back and in many case at a good clip.  Seeing them, running bug bit me..

Though, my self imposed exile was till Sep 15, I couldn't resist running by Thames and experimented with a short run between Lambeth and Tower bridge, which I guess would be around 10k max.

The good thing was there were so many people, we couldn't run fast even if we wanted and I for one didn't want to..

The bad thing was that there were so many people, we couldn't keep our rhythm even for a short while.

Now, How is my heal?
I started well felt good, but past the halfway mark, I felt something different with my left leg.  I was unconsciously landing cautiously and could sense it after a while.

On the whole, I think it is getting better but not out of the woods yet.  I have signed for a 10k run in a local park here and that would be another opportunity to study my heel..

But, I must say this.. this Plantar Fasciitis (PF) is one tough monkey to shake off my back.

More London pictures in this album

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